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NS WhatsApp Download

NS WhatsApp 2024 latest version V10.10 has finally been released, and it’s well worth the wait. Fantastically designed and innovation-conscious, NS WhatsApp is changed to impress. Compared to WhatsApp’s original version, this mod includes many smart features and overcomes many of its functional limitations. The software has already been downloaded tens of millions of times and sent over 200 million messages per day since it was first launched in more than 190 countries and territories. Plus, the professional team continues to upgrade and revamp it. Keep an eye on our official website where NS WhatsApp download is free and easy.

Various Fun Stickers

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Hide Media from Gallery

Run Dual Accounts

Anti-Delete Status

Anti-View Once

Hide Chat Secretly

Built-in Chat Lock

Latest Version: V10.10 | Official Website:


The Well-Reviewed Mod of WhatsApp


The Best-in-Class WA (Whats) Mod


Most Popular Installation Version


Charming Features of 2024

NSWhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 2023

What Is NS WhatsApp?

NS WhatsApp app, an alternate or modified version of WhatsApp, is almost completely superior to the official version. It has been created and developed by third-party developers based on WhatsApp. As such, it is smarter and more comprehensive than the official WhatsApp.

NS WhatsApp, which already appeared on Android devices many years ago, aims to provide users with a more attentive service and a smoother experience than the original WhatsApp, as it has features that the original WhatsApp lacks.

What’s New in NS WhatsApp V10.10 Released 2024?

Since the advent of NS WhatsApp, its developers have promised to keep updating and fixing it. Some of the new and fixed features of the NS WhatsApp APK download latest version are as follows.

Added New “Msg a number” UI design

Added Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page

Added Load custom font

(1- Select “Custom” from font style, then 2- use Load font option)

Added Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB

nswhatsapp apk awesome features

Added FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily

Enabled Proxy Settings (Settings → Storage and data → Proxy Settings)

Enabled Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)

Fixed Auto reply / forward crash

Fixed WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues

Fixed Many custom text status icons

2024 NS WhatsApp Latest Version 10.10 Info

NS WhatsApp updates are the result of continuous improvement based on user feedback and testing by a team of professionals. NS WhatsApp app download is quite easy. To try out the new features, please download the latest version. Below is info about NS WhatsApp latest version 10.10.

App NameVersionLast updatedSizeLicenseRequires AndroidLanguage
NS WHATSAPPV10.101 Day Ago55.7 MBFreeware5.0 or AboveMulti-Language Support
Last updated1 Day Ago
Size55.7 MB
Requires Android5.0 or Above
LanguageMulti-Language Support

NS WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 2024

NS WhatsApp or NS WhatsApp is another downloadable modified and upgraded version of the official WhatsApp. The developers have incorporated so many new features into the messaging app to make the original WhatsApp more useful. It enhances existing features and offers many new possibilities.

First of all, NS WhatsApp new version has all the basic features that are already available in regular WhatsApp. The difference is that NS WhatsApp is adapted to the needs of the user with more attention to detail. For example, the original WhatsApp can hide online status, but at the same time, the other person’s online status is not visible to me. In contrast, NS WhatsApp can hide its own status but can see the status of others.

In addition to the changes in privacy features, the software also helps users to use multiple accounts at the same time without the complication of having to prepare an extra phone. It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to add custom themes, which can change not only the font of the software, and the style of the dialogue window, but also the appearance of the entire application. Above we have listed only some of the features of NS WhatsApp new version, they are only the tip of the iceberg, for a more detailed look at the features you can read in the section below.

NS WhatsApp & Official WhatsApp: What’s the Advantage of NS WhatsApp

NS WhatsApp has always appealed to more demanding users, simply because it creates a wider range of possibilities for them. It’s innovative in order to make messaging apps more attractive. Take a look at some of the groundbreaking features.

Original WhatsApp

Maximum File Size Limit: 100MB
Maximum Group Capacity: 256
Status Characters Limit: 139 Characters
Broadcast Restrictions: 250 Contacts
Document Sharing Limit (Number): 30 at once
Document Sharing Limit (Size): 16 MB
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time): 30 Seconds
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size): 16 MB
Photo Sharing Limit: Maximum 30
Forward LimitL: Maximum 10
Accounts on Single Device: Only One


Maximum File Size Limit: No Limit
Maximum Group Capacity: 600
Status Characters Limit: 255 Characters
Broadcast Restrictions: 600 Contacts
Document Sharing Limit : 100 at once
Document Sharing Limit (Size): 1 GB
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time): 7 Minutes
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size): 1GB
Photo Sharing Limit: Maximum 100
Forward Limit: Maximum 250
Accounts on Single Device: More than One
Multiple Customizable Icons
Send Blank Message
Animated Stickers
Removed Forwarded Messages Tag
Read Deleted Messages/Statuses
Automatic Custom Reply
Hide Blue Tick
Hide Last Seen

History of GB WhatsApp

Both AlexMods and HeyMods, who are the developers of NS WhatsApp, were created with the main aim of providing users with additional powerful features on top of the original WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp AlexMods

NS WhatsApp by AlexMods is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. It is considered to be one of the best upgrades to the official WhatsApp as it has many amazing features. There are no drawbacks to NS WhatsApp APK compared to the official WhatsApp and as you use it you will slowly discover its highlights, such as access to themes, hidden reading status, app lock, change of appearance, and support for two accounts at the same time, etc.

GB WhatsApp Heymods

Yes, after the success of the mod posted by AlexMod, HeyMods also created NS WhatsApp. HeyMods is another third-party developer that also includes many flexible options for interesting messaging and extremely secure privacy. This is why the mod has become a worldwide hit since its release.

History of NSWhatsApp

Other Old Versions of NS WhatsApp

With every update, there are new features added and imperfections fixed. However, some users still prefer to use older versions, both because they are relatively stable and because sometimes the new version changes the layout.

For example, the release of NS WhatsApp 17.00 Heymods swept the world and the development team has not stopped moving forward with new versions, here is some NS WhatsApp download old versions.

NS WhatsApp V17.00 Heymods

NS WhatsApp V18.10 Heymods

NS WhatsApp V18.20 Heymods

NS WhatsApp V9.95 Download

NS WhatsApp V10.20 Download

NS WhatsApp V13.50 Download

NS WhatsApp App: Why Should You Choose It?

The developers of NS WhatsApp created the platform, which is basically similar to the original WhatsApp, but for a while, it stole the limelight due to its offer of more privacy, security, and customisation features.

Extremely concerned with user privacy, NS WhatsApp 2024 offers several features such as ‘hide online status’, hide double blue tick, and more. Breaking away from the traditional WhatsApp style. Let users customize their own themes by hand. There are over 4K+ different themes and a large selection of beautiful wallpapers to choose from to suit your preferences. To protect the security of your chat history, NS WhatsApp download app offers a built-in lock screen feature. A fingerprint, PIN, or password lock can be used to lock a specific chat box or the entire app.

NS WhatsApp Features

Explore the advanced features of NS WhatsApp latest version and see what changes the professional team has made to make NS WhatsApp 2024 new version attractive.

Privacy & Security

Freeze Last Seen

Prevent your contacts from viewing your “Last Seen”, but instead, subtly you can view your contacts’ “Last Seen”.

Disable Forwarded

With Zap GB new version, removing the disable forwarding tag sent by the other party will allow you to send the disable forwarding message to contacts or groups at will.

Who Can Call Me?

Control the specific contacts who can call you, precisely avoid unimportant calls and effectively balance work and life.

Hide View Status

Contacts cannot see that you have ever viewed their update status, which means NS WhatsApp download 2024 APK can greatly protect your privacy.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

As soon as the dialog box is opened even if you have not read it carefully, the official WhatsApp will show two blue double ticks. But NS WhatsApp download latest version will show blue ticks only when you’ve replied, which will help the user to circumvent this embarrassing situation.

Customisation Options

Theme Store

Users can download different styles of themes created by the user community from the theme shop. NS Themes is a completely free theme application that allows users to customise the theme’s board, with the ability to change icons, colours, background wallpaper, and much more.

Change Font Style

The official default fonts may not always be to everyone’s liking, this is where NS WhatsApp new version offers you a range of stylish and innovative fonts, and switching between fonts can be done in a matter of seconds.

Hide Media from Gallery

The media options displayed in the gallery section are more popular, NS WhatsApp free download APK allows you to customise them, leaving the options you need and hiding some of the media options in the gallery. Helping you to keep your privacy safe from prying eyes.

Backup and Restore

NS WhatsApp’s backup and recovery function is used to save chat logs and other media data on your phone in case other unexpected circumstances lead to data loss. Chat logs can be quickly recovered if you lose your data.

nswhatsapp Feature Screenshot

Other Demanding Features

Anti-View Once

NS WhatsApp 2024 version makes it easy to remove the official once-only restriction. Turning on the anti-view once function allows you to view the once-only file sent by the other party multiple times.

Anti-Delete Status

All statuses can be viewed in NS WhatsApp as long as the contact has been posted before and has been deleted in time.

Anti-Delete Messages

In Zap GB 2024, all messages withdrawn by the other party in the chat can be viewed, providing a convenient way for users to view deleted messages.

Break Media Sharing Limitation

NS WhatsApp original stretches the media send size limit to 1GB and the number of photos shared size limit to 90. What’s more, it can send more different file formats such as DOC, RAR, APK, and more.

NS WhatsApp Free Download

NS WhatsApp Download for Android

NS WhatsApp is a third-party application. To get NS WhatsApp latest version on your Android device, please grab it from our official website, Malavida, Uptodown, and APKPure. Plus, keep an eye on our official website for updates in time. Here are the detailed steps on how to download NS WhatsApp latest version from the official website.

1. Para começar, descarregar o ficheiro MB WhatsApp a partir do nosso sítio web oficial.

2. Abrir a configuração do Android para activar o “Unknown resource”.

3. Abrir a pasta de descarregamento e executá-la.

4. Quando pedir confirmação, tocar no botão Instalar.

5. Depois de instalar com sucesso, use o seu número de telefone para iniciar a sessão.

NS WhatsApp for iPhone

Users can download an Android emulator to use NS WhatsApp on iPhone. As it is an Android-based application, the developers have designed it specifically for Android smartphones, but so far there is no version suitable for iPhone use. To use NS WhatsApp on iPhone with an Android emulator, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Android emulator you just downloaded.

Step 2. Drag the downloaded NS WhatsApp APK file into it.

Step 3. The installation process will start automatically. Wait for the installation to complete and you are ready to use NS WhatsApp on iPhone.

NS WhatsApp Download for PC

Users can also install this interesting NS WhatsApp APK on their PC and enjoy all the features of NS WhatsApp for Android devices on the PC version of this module. Before downloading the application on your PC, you will also need to download an Android emulator for your PC, as in the case of iOS. Afterwards follow the steps above to install NS WhatsApp.

NS WhatsApp Update

To use NS WhatsApp new features, it is important to update NS WhatsApp in time. Please bookmark our website for the latest information on GB WhatsApp, so that users can download NS WhatsAppp APK to update it.

Using the application itself is the first method. Scroll down to the last option on the NS WhatsApp settings page. If it is a new version, a download message will be displayed. If not, it means that the current APK is already the latest version.

Alternatively, keep an eye on our website as we will keep you updated with the latest version users can download the latest version of the APK directly from our website, but users should be aware that the new APK file is downloaded on top of the installed application, so remember to back up important data to avoid losing old data.

Users can choose the most practical method for their situation and stay up to date with the NS WhatsApp new updated version!

nswhatsapp official

Replace Official WhatsApp with NS WhatsApp

When using NS WhatsApp, the official WhatsApp will stop working until you log back in again. Conversations opened in the official messenger will not migrate to NS WhatsApp when using NS WhatsApp lite, so if you want to protect important chat messages, please back up your conversations or do not uninstall the official messenger app to protect your chat history.

Firstly, to ensure the safety of important chats, it is essential that users make a data backup of the original WhatsApp. This will prevent important conversations from being lost when switching software.

To backup, first, go to official WhatsApp Settings → Chats → Chat Backup → Finally click on the green button that says “Backup”. Congratulations, the backup is complete! Now we can start downloading NS WhatsApp.

Note: Backing up the official WhatsApp is done in the same way as NS WhatsApp. To achieve migration of data from the original WhatsApp to NS WhatsApp, simply change the file name of the original WhatsApp to NS WhatsApp.

Other Alternatives to the Original WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp

WhatsApp Gold

OG WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro

JT WhatsApp

WhatsApp Delta

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Plus

FAQs About NS WhatsApp

Why Can’t I Download NS WhatsApp from the Play Store?

Firstly, the virtual shop does not allow applications to use the source code of another application without prior authorisation. Therefore, users can only download NS WhatsApp by referring to our official website.

Secondly, the Play Store also does not accept any applications that do not comply with its privacy policy and if you try to access the virtual shop, you will be automatically rejected.

NS WhatsApp is a third-party application and the only channel to download NS WhatsApp is our official website.

How Do I Know Who Is Using NS WhatsApp?

There are a number of factors that affect when NS WhatsApp stops working. Firstly, it could be that the software installation file is corrupted, or there are bugs or switches. The worst thing is that the version you are using has probably stopped working, or your account has been blocked.

To fix this, try uninstalling NS WhatsApp 2024 version from your phone and download the latest version of NS WhatsApp. Once you have done this, log into your account and see if it works again. If this is still not feasible, we recommend contacting our professional staff.

How to Solve NS WhatsApp Not Working Properly?

Yes. All your data is still on WhatsApp’s official servers. Just make sure that the NS WhatsApp APK are downloaded from our official website and installed in a standard way.

Main Takeaways

NS WhatsApp official craze has allowed users worldwide to find a smarter alternative to the bitterness of not being able to break the various limitations of official WhatsApp. It serves as a tweaked version of the official WhatsApp app and its 2024 latest version is breathtaking, with hundreds of millions of users crowning it as the most experiential version of the many mods of traditional WhatsApp. Here is the official website, let’s download NS WhatsApp and use it to spice up your daily chats!

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